Friday, June 23, 2006


I love what I do!

Today I met and photographed a really nice songwriter from Minneapolis. I picked him up around 9:45 AM and we did the town for a little over an hour (to try and beat the heat, humidity, and a rainy forcast).

One of the things I love about using Nashville as my studio is that I NEVER know exactly what I'm going to use as my backdrop until I see it, and the vision is born. It makes for a really good shoot when my subject is a willing participant, and today, songwriter Stephen Crawford was just that...

It took the first part of the shoot for him to warm up to "having fun with it", but before I knew it, he was shining.

I love VERY many of the shots I took with him, but I think my favorite was one of the last (I'm on the ground to get this one). His attitude is so cool in this shot in front of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop... a V E R Y Nashville landmark.

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