Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Busy isn't the word...

Yep, I've been a bad blogger as of late because I have been soooo busy. This week is really no different because I am working on a project within the IBI or CEO Space organization. This project is unique in that the CEO is a former-felon who turned his life around by helping other inmates prepare for the REAL world outside the confines of prison.

Don Kirchner is the writer of the book "A Matter of Time," a very interesting read. It chronicles his life on the run as a fugitive, and then his release aided by the man who helped to put him away... the prosecutor. Sounds like a movie huh? Well, the screenplay has been completed and the national book tour is happening.

I was with Don yesterday driving him around Nashville to different locations to meet some of the folks here in Nashville who actually HELP former-felons get on their feet when they enter back into the "system." It has been an eye opening experience as well as empowering for me to help someone else get their message out to the world.Here is one of the photographs I shot last night at the Nashville Drug Court. A resident program for drug offenders and drug addicts; this program is run by the state of Tennessee.

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