Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BLOG Stalker = Verbal Diarrhea

On one of my original posts (Is profanity necessary?), I invited anyone and everyone to drop a comment bomb on whether profanity was necessary or not. And while trying to make a creative point, I used characters such as #%$@ instead of typing out the word SHIT. There was method to my madness…

So then, I receive in my email, (instead of in the comments section of my blog) a response from some unknown opinionated person (he shall be known as Jim) with too much time on his hands… this thing was so long, I couldn’t believe it. And then, the guy is bugging me to post it… I tried! But for some reason, the blog software CAN’t FINd your comment that is really more a verbally diarrhea filled dissertation. Soooo, the following is for him to read:

Definition of a comment:

com·ment n
1. a remark (a casual or brief observation) that states a fact or expresses an opinion
2. an implied or indirect judgment
3. a note (something written down, often in abbreviated form) that explains a passage in a text

Definition of dissertation:

dis·ser·ta·tion n
1. a lengthy and formal written treatment of a subject, especially a long paper submitted as a requirement for a degree
2. a formal spoken or written discourse

As you’ll notice, if you are paying attention Jim, my BLOG is short, sweet, and to the point. I like visuals more than words… I am a CREATIVE! AND, I not only am in Peri-Menopause, I’m recovering from an accident that left me with a HEAD, NECK, and BACK injury!!! So give me a fucking (a perfect example of profanity being necessary) break Mr. Jim who doesn’t know the difference between a comment and a dissertation!!!

Hey Jim, you might want to look up “creative license”. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, glad to have had ya!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carla

Way to not be 'chicken shit'. Touchy are we? A 'CREATIVE'? I'm a 'creative' too, I guess, if artists count. If you can't take the well thought out comments... don't ask for them. Lengthy or otherwise. Get over yourself. Do I know 'Jim'? No, but I read his post on his blog about your blog and left a comment. He's not a stalker, my dear. Soooo, a well written blog about a stupid question is verbal diarrhea? Asking you to post his comments to your stupid question, that you asked the fricken world to comment on, is being a stalker? Saying he has too much time on his hands? Grow up. He's asking you to do what you said you'd do. Don't ask anymore questions if you don't want to get comments. Should I throw in 'fucking bitch'? to punctuate my comment? Would that help you better understand? This comment too much for you to read? Oh, yeah fuck you, that should rap it up for you.

Anonymous said...

First, I must apologise for the difficulty in posting my response. I thought I had done everything correctly.

I also apologise for the timing of the second response. It did occur to me that you might slow in responding due to your accident, but I posted anyway. I hope you are recovering well.

You are correct. My little comment bomb was more than little. But brevity would have kept me from properly addressing your slap-dash statement on swearing.

I stand by my statement. Since you can't get it to post, if you like, you can send people to my blog I have your intial statement and my response.

I will look up creative license. Being a cartoonist/illustrator, I don't have any idea what you could possibly mean by that.

It's been fun.

Scotty said...

Well, it is a very well-known fact that small things can be the progenitors of much bigger things: i.e., the shot heard 'round the world; the rudder of a ship is small but steers the whole vessel; ten minutes of sex can lead to 20+ years of responsibility; etc. You get the point, I am sure.

While your original post was rather "small, tidy and unobtrusive," it unzipped the fly of an enormous pair of pants. You made statements, rather offhandedly, that could ony be dealt with properly in a larger context. If you were indeed seeking comment. And while your post asked for "comments," it did not preclude "essays" or "diatribes."

I went to "Mr. Jim's" blogsite and read his post, and Imust say it was quite on the mark. And I must also agree with Jim that the whole idea of debate and discussion is done in a spirit f good fun and open dialogue.

I hope you get better soon. At least you didn't pull a Mark Hamill.