Thursday, April 13, 2006


After four years of NOT A PROBLEM in sight, my G4 Mac decided to take a much needed vacation. It kept warning me that it needed the vacation and was about to have a nervous breakdown if I didn't reboot and archive... but I wouldn't listen, I just kept pushing it.

I had PHOTOSHOP running for days/weeks without a reboot, and then I had some 15 files open at one time... TRY THAT ONE ON A PC... NO WAY!!! Talk about the ultimate multitasker...

Anywhoo, it had a nervous breakdown and left me wondering why... WHY didn't I listen to its plea???

Well, thanks to a new version of Disk Warrior (retail $79.95). It's back and running like a new beauty. Course, I'm frantically backing up my digital negatives too! Yikes, it could have been curtains for this Photographer/Web Designer...

I love you MacGoddess! I am NOTHING without YOU! You are everything to me and my business.

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