Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friends & Witnesses

My husband and I were blown away by two of our friends, Mark & Christina (Tina). We haven't seen them but maybe 2 times this year due to both our schedules... then yesterday I received a call from Mark inviting us to go to dinner... well... I told him that Tim and I could go if we went to a restaurant that would honor our CitiPass... ya know, one of those city books that you buy and get two-for-one dinners or lunches.

Anyway, Mark says, "We want to treat you guys" in celebration of your anniversary (of which they were our wedding photog's and our witnesses all in one, cause we were in Scotland getting married) and Christmas. Well I was taken a weee bit aback by this invitation... I had no expectation of their intentions...

Mark & Christina picked out a restaurant that we had never been to called Stoney River... it was REALLY good. We had a great time, and I took some pictures and passed my camera around... here are some shots.Thank you Mark & Christina for such kindness... you really touched our hearts... we look forward to returning the favor when we are able...P.S. Those are ONION Rings!!!

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