Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jesus LIVES!

Last night I attended the monthly Brentwood Camera Club meeting and entered a few photos into the monthly contest. One of my works received a nod by the members as runner up on photo of the month (no theme); well temporarily anyway... (there really wasn't supposed to be a runner up I found out later).Anyway, a guest member came up and wanted to see the photo closer up... and low and behold she immediately blurts out... Jesus is in your photo!!! Do you see him? I did right after she mentioned it. This is the first time Jesus has appeared, but not the first time an apparition has made it into my photography...

By the way, this is through the back window of a VERY old and rusty Chevy pick-up truck in East Nashville, the neighborhood where this car sits was doing there job as I was approached by a neighbor who wanted to know what I was doing... good job neighborhood watch! I showed her my photos on the back of my digital camera, and she just looked at me like I was nuts... she didn't see the art I guess... to each his own, right?

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