Tuesday, May 22, 2007

State of a FAIR

Enough said... some of the highlights of a Fair.

Click on the collage to see a larger version!


Tonua said...

I don't know if I should reveal this on your blog, but I know you cheated on one of those photos, in that it wasn't taken this year. But, you said no one reads it (except me) so who will know.

Of course, you might not have cheated at all. You said these were highlights of "the Fair," but you didn't say which one, so there's nothing to say that you're claiming they were all taken this year.

But, I know they weren't all taken this year because you sent me a card last year with the caption, "You've got balls." The photo on the front of the card is in this collage... and I don't need to spell out which one. ;)

Tonua said...

Unless, of course, you take a lot of pictures of balls. ;)

Carlita said...

I could never pull the wool over TB's eyes, she should be a professional QAer...

I shot this Fair in 2004; the year that one of my photos won the "People's Choice" award.