Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is my favorite day, because everywhere you look there are hearts! And love is in the air, and people are MOSTLY nice to each other.

My boyfriend (& husband) is on his way home to spend Valentines Day with me. HOORAY!!! Hopefully my peri-menopause will stay in check while he’s here, my husband is a professional button pusher (at least my button’s anyway). I’m going to make sure I take ALL my hormonal supplements so I will be nice to him for at least 24 hours… Pray for me that they work… it’s NOT pretty when they don’t… NOT PRETTY at all...

Here is a cute picture of my husband (& boyfriend) from his high school days; he’s so cool looking in his letterman jacket. My southern gentleman, the man of my dreams.

Tomorrow I will go to all the stores and get heart stuff at 50% off; my kitchen is all heart design. If you see cool heart stuff, let me know, but not tacky heart stuff, it has to be cool.

Have a loved filled, heart filled, good candy filled day!

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