Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 3

I was feeling a little weak today, but wanted to keep working out. I know that sometimes you MUST rest the body, but since I am just getting started, this is not the time to rest. Besides, I am too afraid of falling of the workout wagon.

I used my Wii Sports today, and found the bicycling exercise... OMG is all I can say... I had to cycle/walk through 13 places in the exercise, and then find the finish arch... It took me quite a bit of time, and it TRULY worked me out more than I wanted initially... but when I was done with it, I felt so good, so proud of myself!

Here is my daily video check in:


Amy said...

Cheering you on from Colorado! Go for it, girl! You're an inspiration.

Carlita said...

OMGosh Amy, you don't know what the means to me! Gives me even more courage... THANK YOU!