Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harvey Bernard Dorren 1931-2007

In Loving Memory of Pop:

"Life is so great. If I did not know that God is perfect I would think He had me mistaken for someone else." - A quote from my former father-in-law - Harvey B. Dorren

I just received notice from his son that Harvey passed last Saturday night. I am a little numb from this news...

Pop (as I always called him, even after the divorce) was always a very interesting man to me. He was quiet and unassuming, but paid very close attention to everything. He was wise beyond his years, and always seemed to think everything out before he leaped... at least that was my observation. He was a good man. He even apologized to me (through my current husband) of judgements he had made toward me. That was an incredible gift to receive - and in doing this, he taught me a beautiful lesson.

Harvey was not a man of many words, but when he spoke it was like E.F. Hutton; you wanted to listen. He was always in a good mood, and always grateful for every breath that he took.

I am grateful to have known him and to have stayed in contact many years after the split - many sushi dinners together every time I would visit California. My heart goes out to his entire family - especially Kit, his wife - my beautiful friend. A big hug to you Mom - I love you!