Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Green Eggs

Green Eggs actually EXIST!!! Once again, this city born girl is amazed by the appearance of something I thought fairy tale fodder!I remember my first year living in Tennesse and sitting outside during the early summer on my front porch; and what did I behold but a glowing little spark in the air... a Fire Fly... I had always thought that fire flies were a figment of Walt Disney's imagination... so here I am again, green eggs are REAL!

I'm still that little girl with wonderous readiness to embark on new learning... either that or I've led a REALLY sheltered life.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Deadwood and gone for now...

I thought that I had heard that this was going to be the last season of Deadwood on HBO… Last night was the final episode of the 3rd season, and it left me with a sense of completely unfinished business...
I LOVE this show. I realize that some people are offended by profanity; but I’m not one of them (unless it is OVER-used). Then again, I can be irritated by someone who uses “UM” too many times while speaking, or “YOU KNOW”…

The thing that I love about this show is that it challenges my ear. The dialogue is written in iambic pentameter (refer to Shakespeare) form. I have to listen intently to follow the dialogue at times, AND am many times amazed at the wording… I just love it! I hope they change their minds and bring back another season of DEADWOOD!

Side note: My children’s book is written in iambic pentameter, no one really knows this unless I tell them, but if you’re sharp, you’ll recognize it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Soooooooo. . .

It's been a sort of challenging day... so much to do... so little energy and know how. Soooooooo. . . when I get lost or STUCK, I do something creative. I just finished the back of the cards I've developed with my mentor Dr. Roni Angel-Lucas (centerforselfawareness.com). We've developed an exceptionally gorgeous card deck that combines my floral photography along with beautifully written words that define the colors in the flowers through the Micahael essence (see centerforselfawareness.com to understand who/what the Micahael essence is).

Here's a look at my first draft design for the back of the cards (hopefully this will be the final design), and a sample of one of the sixty cards in the deck.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Robert Joseph Costanza

My dear friend Sherry Costanza's husband died yesterday morning. I was fortunate enough to get to spend casual times as well as photograph the final portrait session with both Bob and Sherry at there home over the past years. I always told Sherry what an exceptional man I thought Bob was... and what a looker he must have been in his prime... I always loved the way he pronounced my name with his Brooklyn accent.

The father of Nashville's first family of film, the Costanza's, founders of AC Inc and supporters of the Nashville film community in so many ways for decades, has passed away. Bob Costanza was father to Armanda, Robert Jr., Michael and Sherry Jr., and adoring husband to Sherry Costanza. Visitation and services are this weekend.

May you rest in peace Bob...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sugar anyone?

Growing up I remember seeing the pink and white label in the cupboard; I'd lick my finger first, then dip it into the opened package when I wanted to have a sugar treat (of course Mom wasn't in the kitchen when I did this).
Just above Oakland on the bay is the VERY old C&H Sugar processing factory. Tim and I spent at least an hour there picking up a load at the plant. This place is so OLD, very old. However it has a lot of CHARM in a sort of industrial way... it's hard to believe a factory like this still lives in this day and age of NEW and SUPER automation.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My mouth is watering...

. . . in two different directions. . . I'm kicking myself now that I look at the picture I made of these apples through the window of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Seattle, WA. I cannot believe that we didn't stop and taste this masterpiece... how the heck did they do that?
However, we were smart enough to buy some smoked Salmon to eat on the truck for dinner a couple of nights. I put it on chicken in a biscuit crackers, added some cream cheese, and sliced up some apple. On the second night, we had found some blackberries on a vine near where the truck was parked. Tim picked enough for us to have over the course of a few meals. How cool was that...? Very!

Here's a shot of what I fixed on the truck, Tim is there in the background at the drivers seat waiting patiently.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ugly Proud

He was the ugliest of the seagulls hanging out at Ivar's on the wharf in Seattle, but there was something regal about him... He posed for me as if to honor me with his presence... maybe he was seagull royalty, and the rest of the seagulls with normal seagull coloring were his servants... his royal playmates. You see, he didn't beg like the white and grey seagulls, he waited patiently for the humans to hold out their hand, then he would graciously accept their gift of nourishment.

It's all how you look at it, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

America looks AMERICAN!

In the 17 days I traveled via 18 wheels with my husband... I saw the following states: Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois and back to Kentucky and Tennessee.

P H E W ! ! ! What a trip for this City Girl Gone Country...

Some very A M E R I C A N things I saw along the miles...

So humble...

Be it ever so humble, there's NO PLACE LIKE HOME...! After spending 31 days out away from home; on the road with my husband and at the most incredible conference of my life (ibiglobal.com), I land at home. I am grateful that everything looks the same, but at the same time EVERYTHING looks incredibly different.

I am different, I have changed, my life has changed FOREVER, my view from this place is different. I have different expectations of myself and my future. I know that I DO have something to offer the world that could be quite profound. The words that I can find at this time to express my thoughts of this 31 day experience are cliche... all I can say is, "I am different and I am so glad..."

Here is another photograph taken along the way on my 31 day adventure. This is in Montana... it's called the Wild Horse Monument.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

18 Wheels and...

The adventure began on July 8th... headed to Los Angeles from Nashville for the IBI Freedom Forum via Kentucky, West Virgina, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Pennsylvania first (not necessarily in that order).

I am going to post photos as I have access to the internet from various truck yards. Yes! I am traveling via an 18 Wheeler with my husband. Here is a shot I took in St. Louis as we passed through downtown at about 4 AM. The picture sucks, (do you have ANY idea how an 18 wheeler bounces?) but you can see the gateway to the west... the St. Louis Arch!