Sunday, November 04, 2012

HABITAT HOUSE FUND - Pervis Rice Family

In 1992 I moved to Tennessee to start my life over after a divorce, and to pursue my career as a southern country rock artist.  I had fallen in love with Nashville, TN and the surrounding countryside on my initial visit, and thought it would be a perfect place to start my life anew.

After arriving and beginning my pursuit, I started picking up odd jobs here and there to make a few dollars. I worked as an administrative temp, a singer for Pepsi Co., a songwriter, an actor, a cocktail waitress, and on weekends, I'd work at a bed and breakfast cleaning up rooms and dusting the rest of the mansion.  It was at the B&B where I met Pervis.  She too was working there to pick up a few extra dollars on the weekend.  We hit it off immediately, and after a few years when I could afford it, Pervis came to work for me cleaning my house.  But the thing was, we worked together, and she'd spend the weekend with me, and after we finished cleaning, we'd have FUN together.

Many years have passed, and Pervis is now raising her GREAT-Grandson's - there are THREE of them!  She lives in Gallatin, TN where she was raised.  She has traveled around the World, but came home to live with her Mother in her final years... now she's raising three GROWING boys.

She applied for a HABITAT house and was denied. But because Pervis doesn't give up easily, she applied again a few years later and qualified.  She and the boys move into the house in just a couple of weeks and I'd like to help her out with some of the expenses.

So, give what you can - $1, $5, $10, $20, $40, $50, $100, $250, $500 - Whatever your heart moves you to do.  I've put in $100, and two other friends/family have put in another $250.  So I'm already part of the way to my goal.

Thanks so much!!!

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