Thursday, November 06, 2014


Oh the life of a middle-aged actor!  

Today I auditioned for a national commercial for TANZEUM DIABETES MEDICATION.  

Here's what I had to do:
- We are looking for an Hispanic Woman (50's) who actually practices yoga. The director is an avid yoga enthusiast, so we'll know if you're faking. Please don't!
- Talent should generally be 25-100 pounds overweight.

It's been a few moons since I was in India practicing yoga, and I had gained so much weight prior to my recent -84 pound weight-release this past year... So I engaged a woman from church who teaches yoga.  She is 74 years old and was the first of two instructors here in Nashville, TN. 

I had recently taken a class with another instructor.  It was 'chair yoga'... and boy did it kick my butt!  

Last night as I was reviewing the Warrior I and Warrior II positions, my body began to remember what it used to do!  That is a WIN for sure!

Cross your fingers, [that] I am this YOGA WOMAN, and you will see me on your TV and in Print very soon!  Heck Yeah! 

Another positive outcome to RELEASING -84 pounds!  Can I help you do the same?

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